Heidi Limerick
Fitness Specialist


It is Heidi's true passion to help others see the beauty in the world and the beauty inside of themselves, to live their fullest life. Heidi began helping others to increase their fitness levels & rehab injuries in the 1990's when she worked with professional and collegiate athletes as an athletic and personal trainer. She began developing rehab, strength & conditioning techniques based on her years of dance training and extensive sports medicine/exercise physiology education. Her athletes saw incredible results, as did all her clients. Heidi has worked with numerous professional athletes & celebrities and has helped many people reach their fitness and wellness goals of increased strength, weight loss, massive weight loss, flexibility, sports conditioning, stress management and more.

She has also helped people who have not been helped by other means - people with many disabilities including paralysis, muscular dystrophy, and disc problems. She has helped to rehabilitate SI joint injuries, spinal injuries, sciatica, hamstring, ankle, knee and more. . . Heidi finds the imbalances in the body and works with stabilizing movements to correct them and to provide balance and harmony in the body. Whatever your goal, Heidi can help you to develop a strong, stable body, mind and spirit to live your best life.

  • B.A. in Exercise Science from University of the Pacific
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 1990
  • ACE Certified Fitness Instructor since 1989
  • Co-Star of "Gotta Sweat" TV Show on espn2
  • National Director for Cory Everson's Fitness Adventure
  • Instructor & Trainer at John Garey Pilates Studio, Golds Gym Venice, Sony Pictures and MGM Studios
  • Pilates Instructor trained by UOP Dance Dept, STOTT Pilates & Physicalmind Institute
  • Creator of Rhythmic Yoga, Zen Ballet and Urban Jazz
  • Yoga Instructor trained by many master instructors including the Hatha Yoga Center in Nevada
  • Faculty at Loyola Marymount University
  • Visiting Professor Arizona State University Hip Hop Coalition
  • Spin Instructor certified by Mad Dogg Althletics and Cycle Reebok
  • Creator of Relax - A Guided Meditative Journey
  • Athletic Trainer to NFL teams for off season charity basketball competitions
  • Personal Trainer to athletes for weight loss, conditioning and rehab
  • Athletic Trainer to World Wrestling Federation during California appearances
  • Agility Trainer and nutritional counselor to professional and amateur boxers at Stockton Boxing Gym and World Gym Boxing Facility
  • Developed off-season conditioning for football, basketball and volleyball teams
  • Develop fitness programs for seniors
  • Developed fitness programs for the physically and mentally challenged
  • CEC provider for Fitness Instructors, Coaches and Personal Trainers
  • Designed and implemented successful fitness programs to many clients
  • Wellness Speaker to many organizations, groups and schools
  • Creator of the orginal Cardio-Boxing program in Las Vegas
  • Chairperson for American Heart Association Dance for Heart 1993, Stockton, CA
  • Pre/Post-Natal fitness/wellness instructor and trainer
  • Former Fitness Director at World Gym, Las Vegas
  • Choreographer and director for many dance and fitness teams
  • Jazz, Tap, Ballet and Hip Hop Dancer and Instructor
  • Developed "Fit Kid" program for kids ages 3-6 and 7-11
  • Researched, designed and managed water rehabilitation program for injured athletes at UOP