Heidi Limerick (formerly Pimentel) is a Personal Trainer, Pilates/Yoga Fitness Instructor, Dancer and Life Coach. You may have seen Heidi on espn2 where she was a co-star of the "Gotta Sweat" Show. She spent three years as the National Director for Cory Everson's Mind Body Retreat, and her energy and enthusiasm for health and well-being is contagious. Heidi has her Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science from the University of the Pacific and has been certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor for over 18 years. For more information about Heidi, please click here.

HEIDI'S PHILOSOPHY ~ Heidi tailors each personal training program to her individual client's needs and goals. She trains clients in the gym, pilates studio, in homes, offices and outside. Each client's progress is monitored and Heidi changes her client's programs frequently to achieve continued results. Heidi believes not in just giving her clients a workout, but in giving them the tools to make life changes as well.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Heidi,
Please email or call Heidi @ 310. 948. 0268

Weight Loss
Sport Specific Training
Strength Training Pre and Post-Natal Training
Yoga & Meditation Back Care
Pilates - Mat and Reformer Water Fitness
Post Rehabilitation Training Senior Fitness and Childrens Fitness


"Heidi has inspired me to think about fitness and health differently since we began training 6 months ago. She believes in me to go beyond what I think I can achieve and lifts me up when I don't want to work out. Her encouragement has helped me to lose 9% body fat and I feel much more in control of my health since hiring her as my personal trainer. I highly recommend Heidi for anyone who wants to learn more about and improve their personal fitness."
Mara Klug
Regional Vice President, Los Angeles
Adecco Employment Services

"Heidi has provided the motivation and inspiration for my workout program. She's helped me regain strength after a knee injury and avoid surgery on the knee. I enjoy meeting with her, learning new exercises and healthy eating habits - she makes the workout time go quickly!"
Dr Pam Hymel

"Heidi is a complete professional who can assist with a full range of exercise activities from weight training, pilates, yoga, and rehabilitation to diet and nutrition. During the two years I have been working with her, we have focused on many different activites to accomplish a complete and well-rounded regimen. My health and level of fitness have improved dramatically. I truly look forward to meeting with her even when the temptation is great to steal an extra hour or two of sleep. My energy level and mental outlook are always higher after a workout at Heidi's direction. Thanks Heidi."
Caesar Naples

Attorney, Vice Chancellor Emeritus and Trustee Professor,

The California State University

"In 1993 when my Muscular Dystrophy was first starting to go into remission, I was determined to keep whatever muscles I had left as strong as possible. Fortunately for me, Heidi saw me struggling with some 2 lb weights, recognized my many muscular shortcomings and helped me immeasurably. She taught me the correct way to do things, and helped me gradually increase the weights I was using. Within a matter of months she helped me go from a somewhat dependent guy to become totally independent. I'm sure it was her prior experience working with handicapped people that helped her spot my weakness and start me on the road to recovery. I only wish she would move back to Las Vegas so I could receive her training more frequently."
Al Levitt

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