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Meditation CD $15

Allow yourself to let go and relax as Heidi guides you on a journey through any obstacles into your truest inner self. Feel your body and mind begin to let go of any tension and resistance as you relax inch by inch from your head to your toes.



Karma Kards $10

A set of 30 cards each with an inspirational quote on one side and a thought or action on the other side pertaining to the quote. $10.00 for the set.

Lavender Oil Spray $12

An incredible all natural essential oil spray. Use in your home, on your body and great as a yoga mat freshener.



Zen Gift Paks (4 Packs to choose from)

Zen Pack $25


~ Relax - A Guided Meditative Journey CD
Lavender Oil Spray
~ Candles and Candle Holders




Journal Pack $15

~ Journal of Organic Paper
Candles & Candle Holders



Lavender Pack $20

~ Organic Paper Box
Lavender Oil Spray
~ Candles & Candle Holders



Yoga Mat Pack $30

~ Yoga Mat
Lavender Oil Spray