Commit To Be Fit 1

No room in your budget for a Personal Trainer
. . . Think again.

      In this 5 hour workshop Heidi will teach you everything you need to know to get going on a fitness and wellness regime and help you to design your own home or gym workout.

      • Learn Proper Form and Execution of Exercises
      • How to Lose Weight, What to Eat
      • Exercises for all muscle groups
      • Strength, Cardio and Flexibility
      • Can be done in as little as 30 minutes in your home or gym
      • Only equipment needed is weights, tubing and a ball
      • Adaptations for any injury or ailment
      • Body Composition Testing
      • Nutritional Education

                ...and much more!


For more information or to book a Commit to Be Fit Workshop at your gym, office, or for a group of 8 or more friends -
please email us or call us at
310 948 0268.

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